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Finding accommodation when you’re traveling is often a real headache! So we've decided to help you a little by going through the most common types of accommodation to highlight the advantages and disadvantages. So, what type of accommodation to choose and why ?

Here are the answers to your questions.


The hotel is THE accommodation solution that is often used and thought of first. However, it is not necessarily the best!

So yes, for those who don't want to think about things too much, it's the easiest. There is a ready-made room, there is no need to do anything when you arrive and the rooms are equipped with shower gel, shampoo and towels. In addition, the staff are generally attentive and ready to give you advice for your visits. You also have access to an impressive choice of additional services: laundry, room service, alarm calls, minibar and safe deposit box.

However, all of this has a cost, and that's one of the biggest disadvantage of this accommodation: the price. Staying in a hotel remains the most expensive solution and most of the services offered are costing extras. Unless you stay in an Appart'hôtel, the room is not equipped with cooking facilities, so you'll have to budget extra for restaurants or lunches on the go.

Also, if you plan to drive there, keep in mind that hotel car parks are often expensive (between 7 and 18€ per day). Some hotels do not have parking and you will have to find a parking space on your own.

We do not recommend a hotel for a long stay either, as the lack of space in a standard sized room will quickly become apparent.

Vacation rental

For stays of more than one night, we recommend the vacation rentals. They are fully equipped and comfortable rentals. You can even find lodgings with swimming pools, saunas, etc. However, reservations are usually made either for a weekend or from Saturday to Saturday, so they are not suitable for a short stay during the week.

Another advantage: you don't have to worry about lack of privacy or promiscuity. The gites are a good solution if you want to be quiet with your friends/family.

Concerning the price, it can be interesting if you are a group. Indeed, when you book a lodging, usually composed of several rooms, the price can be divided among all the members of the group. On the other hand, the price is necessarily very high for a single person who should better, with all comfort kept, stay in a hotel.

Guest houses

For even more affordable prices if you are travelling alone or with a few friends, you can also look into guesthouses. Here, you will sleep in a private home. You can book for one night only as well as for a longer stay and breakfast is always included.

This way you will be able to enjoy a friendly space and share friendly moments with your hosts, such as meals or activities. There you will be received as a member of the family.

However, you need to get along well with your hosts, which is not always the case, and if you are not a fan of human contact, we do not recommend it either. Another disadvantage is that very few guesthouses have the capacity to accommodate a group.

Youth hostels

You want an even cheaper solution? You can go to a youth hostel. The services are much more limited and they offer only a few single rooms, but the prices are usually cheaper than other options. However, we do not recommend it if you need privacy or space, even the single rooms are quite small and many of them may have common areas (e.g. toilets, showers, kitchen, etc.).

Be careful, some hostels have an age limit of 30 years. Beyond this age, you can be refused access. To avoid the inconvenience of being refused, if you are concerned, don't hesitate to make a phone call to ask if they accept people over 30.

PS: We didn't talk about Airbnb or similar platforms in this article but don't worry, a whole article will be dedicated to the subject soon!

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