How to travel cheaper ?

In this particular period we all need to think about something else, to escape for a little while. That's why many of us take the opportunity to think about our next holidays or our next trips.

Travelling is fine, but travelling cheap is better!

Discovering the heritage, culture and history of a city, a region or a country should not be a luxury, but a right for everyone. That's why, in this article, we want to give you some tips and tricks to reduce your expenses during your travels!

Big touristic cities are more expensive, give smaller ones a chance.

Even if it is easy to give into big touristic cities, full of famous monuments (that everyone has seen a thousand times on social networks), don't underestimate the smaller, less known ones.

Attractions are often cheaper and more discounts are available, even free entry in certain monuments and museums. The cost of living is generally way cheaper. You can also seize the opportunity to discover hidden gems still unknown to the public. Enough to make your friends and family jealous!

Enjoy the off-season if you can!

Families with children are generally not concerned because of school holidays, but if you don't have children, don’t hesitate to enjoy these periods to go on trips.

Attractions, shops and transporters know that traffic is denser during school holidays and they take advantage of it. Prices are doubled or even tripled, especially in the summer. Save money and travel during the off-season!

You can even go directly to the website of the attractions of your destination or to the website of your accommodation to check if they do not already have a calendar available with prices for on and off-season!

Especially for summer, we advise you to leave during the months of May-June or September-October, the weather is still good for travelling and the traffic is clearer.

Choose wisely the moment to buy your transportation tickets.

Whether plane, boat or train, the tickets are not at the same price according to the period when you buy them. Even the day of the week and the hour may affect the price!

Do you have a specific destination in mind?

Remember to book your transportation tickets 3 to 6 months in advance, the further you go, the more in advance you'll have to book them. To get the best prices, we advise you to take your tickets either early on Sunday morning (before 7am, yes you'll have to wake up, or not go to bed!), or during the week (late afternoon and evening hours to be avoided), with a small preference for the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, a period during which many companies update their offers.

Just want to travel, no matter what the destination?

Try your luck on last-minute deals! Airlines are notorious for selling off the last available seats for flights leaving in just a few days. And they are not the only ones! Many companies in the tourism industry have followed suit and use the same technique (hotels, cruises, etc.).

Are you between 12 and 30 years old? Enjoy discounts all over Europe thanks to the European Youth Card!

This card, offered by the European Youth Card Association, gives you access to discounts at many shops in France and in 37 other European countries. In total, it gives access to more than 72,000 deals.

The organization offers two formulas:

  • Standard card: for 12-30 year olds, gives access to the deals of the programme.

  • Student card: for students between the ages of 12 and 30, gives access to the deals of the program as well as the services available to students (depending on the organization).

The card costs 10€ in digital format or 13€ in physical format, regardless of the chosen formula.

For more information:

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